5 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019

Thank the Mary Berry, 2019 looks to be the year of the cake!*

*with the exception of “cheese cakes” (stacks of cheese wheels adorned with flowers and cake toppers replicating the wedding cake look). As much as I love cake, I can TOTALLY get on board with this!

As wedding season approaches and planning a wedding is firmly set to stress out any 2019/2020 brides to be, it seems that there is at least one less trend to worry about. In past years we’ve seen brides try to ‘one up’ each other with donut walls, sweet stations and croquembouche stacks – the mere wedding cake was just not enough. This year, however, the humble cake is making a comeback and rightly taking centre stage! 

Here are some wedding cake trends to be aware of if you too want to make your cake the star… after the Bride of course!

1. Classic Grandeur

We said it last year, and we’ll say it again this year… bigger is better! The demand for decadent, elaborately and ridiculously tall cakes has not gone away and brides to be are going crazy for all things BIG. We also see brides going for “white on white on white”, with floral arrangements, intricate details and iridescent highlights all being added in white. We like to call this the modern classic.

2. Unconventional shapes

From hexagon shaped tiers to perfectly stacked cubes, couples are moving away from the tradition round shaped tiers to something a little more edgy.

This trend has been inspired by cake artist superstars like Tortik Annushka and Jasmine Rae Cakes, and is a perfect way to add that WOW factor into your cake design. It can also make for easier cutting if you are having your cake as the main dessert – so go ahead, experiment!

3. Flower power

Flowers have always been an integral part of weddings and over the past few years they have made their way on to our wedding cakes too. We expect to see even more of it this year with flower arrangements truly becoming the focal point of the cake. From hand painted flowers on fondant to delicate sugar paste blooms and floral hoops, couples will definitely want to wake up and smell the roses when it comes to this trend. 

4. Simplicity

Inspired by bridal gown trends, as well as Harry and Megan’s wedding cake, a lot of couples are looking for a simpler, more elegant style of cake with minimal decoration. Before you say it, this does not mean boring, it just means ‘timeless classic’! Cakes are also being dismounted and kept at single level tiers, which allows for more elaborate cake stands to be used.

This trend also plays up to the “white on white on white” colour scheme mentioned in the classic grandeur, and is a nod to the more traditional style of wedding cake.

5. Truly personalised

This is one of our personal favourites! With a slight variation on last year’s “statement cake” trend, couples are moving away from replicating their wedding location or their wedding theme in the design of the cake, to instead incorporating parts of their personality, culture and couple style. Couples are truly making it personal… as it should be!

Trends aside, we are firm believers that your wedding day should only be about you and your partner. Forget about what aunt Mary wants, what will look best on instagram, or how many of your friends are currently gluten-free, flavour-free and fun-free. Just pick what you want and what you will love to eat!

Email us to discuss all your wedding cake or dessert table needs cakeonlegs@gmail.com


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