E5 Bakehouse, London Fields

Bread gives you cancer. Sugar kills brain cells. Gluten can cause tumours… Is there anything we can eat that won’t kill us?

According to most tabloids the answer to that question is no, but according to scientific research, as well as common sense, most food substances in moderation will definitely not bring you to your peril. With the overwhelming pressure to “live well” and “eat clean” along with a culture of scaremongering, I’m not even sure why we haven’t just stopped eating all together. These fear fuelled statements are negative and feed our insecurities, and yet some how, they have also led to us changing our eating habits in a positive way. As a society we seem to be more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies, we’re reducing processed food consumption, and we are paying more for organically and responsibly sourced ingredients.

E5 Bakehouse, 395 Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PH

Places like E5 Bakehouse are embracing those concerns and have created a haven for the food conscious who still want flavour just without the hidden nasties. Located in what they term a “spruced up archway” this bakery has little enclaves of seating separated by a pizza station, the main kitchen, trolleys loaded with freshly baked goods, a glass contained flour-grinding mill and lots of what can only be described as passionate bakers and chefs.

Freshly made bread on site

E5’s speciality is bread, so naturally we had to see what all the fuss was about! I chose to start with the rye bread topped with locally sourced goats curd, and oh my it was delicious. The rye bread was warm and fresh out of the oven; it was soft and had a closed, crumbly texture, exactly what you want from a rye. The bread was only lightly spiced, which complimented the slightly sharp taste of the whipped goats curd. Initially I thought the honey and poppyseed on top were totally unnecessary, but they gave the dish that little necessary sweetness and I was happy to be proven wrong.

Rye bread served with goats curd, honey and poppy seeds

Next we moved on to the ultimate bread test – the sandwich! E5 offer a well needed twist on the classic BLT, which comprises scrapping the slippery, slimy and very sad slice of tomato with a creamy dollop of smashed avocado – an absolute no brainer! For some time I have pitied that poor slice of tomato, it just has no place in between soft fluffy bread, the perfection that is bacon, and the crisp freshness the lettuce brings to the party. Controversial I know but avo just makes a lot more sense. Let’uce spread the love for the BLA … anyway back to the bread… it was absolutely delicious. I mean come on, just look on the crust on that!

BLA Sandwich – Bacon, lettuce and avocado on super crusty bread!

No bakery trip is complete without testing out the pastry counter, and E5 Bakehouse did not disappoint. This place caters to everyone, from vegan friends to the fussiest of eaters, they have a sweet treat that please them all. They had an abundance of vegan delights, biscuits, cookies, tarts and buns.

From left to right: Chocolate Cookies, Macaroons, Almond Crescent Shortbread, Peanut Butter Cookies

I was even surprised to see one of my personal favourites on offer, the humble macaroon, commonly but incorrectly referred to as a coconut macaron (but this is not the time for a macaron vs macaroon debate). These little clouds of desiccated coconut bound together by a condensed milk mixture and dipped in rich dark chocolate are commonly seen as easy to produce, but oh no my friends, they are not – but I am happy to inform you that if you want to try a perfect macaroon you should go to E5, they nailed it!


This place is so truly special that I couldn’t go without telling you a little about all of the fresh, local produce they sell in store. From juices made and bottled in Hackney to Neal’s Yard greek yoghurt, E5 has everything you will need to live your best life. What particularly caught my eye was the British charcuterie, London smoked salmon, and the wide range of local cheeses on offer, ready for you to take to a picnic along with a freshly baked crusty baguette.

Site of pure beauty

E5 Bakehouse’s ethos is clear to anyone who steps through the doors. It’s perfect for the ever so slightly healthier consumer, but it is also just a nice place to come eat good food. I have to be honest, the service was a little haphazard and you most definitely do not want to come here if you are in a rush, but that being said, it adds to the charm. And actually, who cares when everything tastes so damn good!

Follow their journey to greatness on twitter @e5bakehouse or on their blog e5 Bakehouse.


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