Biscuiteers, Northcote

The big day has finally arrived!

The day where every single lady’s dream of being the next princess is shattered, where our self esteem is at an all time low but our sop-o-meter is at an all time high. Of course I’m talking about the Royal Wedding where Hazza marries Megz!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion I took a trip to the Biscuiteers Biscuit Boutique and Icing Cafe in Northcote, to take part in their Royal Wedding themed icing class and *spoiler alert* it was so much fun!


If you have not heard of the Biscuiteers before then you must have been living under… well, a biscuit! They are the original luxury biscuit boutique offering hand-iced delicious biscuit gifts & chocolates for every occasion, be it a celebration that requires perfectly painted vegetable biscuits or a cheeky tin of champagne flutes.

So let me set the scene – before you even step foot in the door, the first thing you notice is the beautifully hand-painted shop front elaborately decorated with little birds carrying biscuits, ornate pillars and wood panelling details. Branding perfection!

Then as soon you walk in, you are automatically transported to twee-town; for a short period of time your life is filled with red and white polka dot table cloths, striped tea pots, tins upon tins of perfectly iced biscuits, all set against beautifully chincy blue and white wallpaper, reminiscent of your grans porcelain set.

The Class

The class is roughly 2 hours long (although the time really does fly) and the size of the classes vary but it’s usually no more than 12 people.

As you sit down you are given a lovely branded apron, an image of the designs you will be decorating and your biscuits ready to be iced – as tempting as it is to just start eating them with you cup of tea, don’t! Piping and flooding icing is also provided in the colours you will need for the design, although you will have to share so don’t hog the bags.

Before you get started, the hosts give you a brief demo of how to pipe your outlines and then flood, and give you some quick tips as to how best to get started and then… off you go. You’re encouraged to deviate away from the designs and use your creative flare, but don’t feel like you have, the task of icing the biscuits to a design is hard enough as it is! Getting started was a little daunting at first, particularly as the demo lasted a whole millisecond,  two members of the group had been practicing before the class and the other two were just ‘naturals’, but once you get started you don’t want to stop.

For the Royal Wedding icing class we had to decorate: a wedding cake, a ring, a bouquet, bunting, Windsor castle, a guard, Harry’s wedding outfit, and of course, the wedding dress – now below are what they should have looked like, and below that is what I produced!

Image credit – Biscuiteers
My sad attempt…although I thought my Windsor Castle was pretty good

I have to be honest, I wasn’t very good considering I decorate cakes, but in my defence it is completely different to piping a cupcake. To pipe the perfect outline on your biscuits you need to twist the piping bag half way down, hold it between your forefinger and thumb as your would a pencil, press against your biscuit and then squeeze and lift until your next point. This was what caught me as typically when you pipe icing on to a cupcake, you start with the piping bag away from the cake and then you pipe. The reason for the biscuit icing has to be this way is because otherwise you get little blobs of icing at each point rather than a smooth line all the way round.

Once you get into the swing of it it really is good fun and by the time you have just about mastered piping a straight line, your time at the Biscuiteers is done. But on the plus side, you get to take home all the biscuits you ice, you get to keep your lovely little apron, and if you are anything like me, you’ll even sneak a little bit of icing in your hair.

Go for the icing techniques, stay for the biscuits

If you are a keen baker with a steady hand or a complete novice looking for something fun to do, I would definitely recommend booking a session down at the Biscuiteers. It may seem a little pricey at first at the cost of £78 per class, but it is definitely worth and you will want to pay that just for the biscuits.

P.S. if you are reading this now, Harry has already married Meghan… I’m sorry it’s too late.

For full details on their classes and biscuit collections, check out their website or follow them on social media, they are literally on everything!


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