6 Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

I would start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year but February seems to have crept up quicker than you can say I will 110% go over my wedding budget…

With Valentine’s day just around the corner our newsfeeds are bound to be filled with extravagant tokens of love, photos of romantic trips away and of course, engagement announcements! Now, we all know what follows an engagement… a WEDDING! What comes with a wedding? Wedding cake!

Between planning my own wedding and being obsessed with cakes (shocking, I know), I understand how overwhelming it can be to pick the perfect cake, particularly as it will probably be the most expensive cake you have ever purchased. For all those 2018/2019 brides to be, here are six trends to be aware of that might help you make that very important decision.

1. No more naked!

This style of cake was very popular in 2016 and 2017, but it’s sooo not 2018. This trend has exhausted itself and the cakes want their fondant back! Say goodbye to the berries and the flowers that have been “effortlessly” scattered on lightly buttercream covered sponges, and say hello to fondant, royal icing, splashes of colour, texture and 3D effects displayed on the cakes below.

2. Statement cakes

Whether you want your day to feel reminiscent of a Disney movie, Gatsby party or a winter woodland, this is your time to make sure that not only your guests look the part, but so does your cake. This year we see the rise in couples wanting their cake to really fit in with either their theme or the location of their wedding, and truly reflect their personalities.

3. Classic Grandeur

This year we see the return of grandeur – we see a demand for very tall cakes made up of numerous tiers, of varying heights, with lots of white and ivory fondant, decorated with guilds, borders, flowers, beads and all the little touches that come with luxury.  For the conscious consumer concerned about food waste, do not fear, this look can be achieved by using dummy tiers (polystyrene cake shaped tiers covered in fondant and decorated like the rest of the cake). For those couples that want their day to be elegant, this is the perfect touch.

4. Metallics

From fashion to furniture, metallics are everywhere, and the same applies to the cake world! This is not a new trend, however this year we see it taking a slightly different shape. While gold remains a very popular colour, we see the introduction of softer, more feminine tones with the use of rose gold and copper. The trend is also moving away from the idea that you have to have large blocks of metallics by covering a whole tier in silver leaf, and instead we see softer hints of colour and shading.

5. Texture

Texture is an interesting trend, and a very fun one for a baker. This trend is definitely one that has come from the Instasphere as more and more people want their cakes to look as fashionable and as on trend as their decor. We are used to seeing the addition of lace, beading and quilting on wedding cakes, but new trends like crackled paint, knitted effect and meringue shards are becoming very popular and look oh so sophisticated. We also see the addition of ruffles, brush strokes, feathers and foliage.

6. No cake at all

It pains me to say this but some people are choosing to have no cake at all *insert shocked face*. Dessert tables are becoming part of the norm for weddings and provide a great interactive alternative to the traditional dessert course. Dessert tables per se are not new, but what goes on them is constantly changing.

Originally couples from all over were requesting sweet jars, cupcake towers and iced biscuits, but now we are seeing couples requesting delicate french patisserie like macarons, choux buns and croquembouche towers, as well as trendy sweet treats such as meringue kisses, chocolate covered strawberry towers and donut walls, and we are seeing a rise of DIY stations where you can build your own sundae or top your own cheesecake.

Trends aside, I am a firm believer that your wedding day should truly be about you and your partner, so forget about what your aunt Marie wants, what will look best on instagram, or how many of your friends are currently gluten-free, flavour-free and fun-free, and just pick what you will love!

Email us to discuss all your wedding cake or dessert table needs cakeonlegs@gmail.com


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