Moka East, Stratford 

In the run up to Christmas I thought I’d review somewhere which is close to my heart… And home!

Moka East is often disregarded by the passers by as at first site, it appears to just look like a set of lime green containers, but oh no no, it is a glorious hidden gem just on the border of the Olympic Park in Stratford. It is indeed made up of old shipping containers, but within these are pieces of local art work, an elaborate map of the park, a piano performance spot, a bicycle hire and of course, the glorious mishmashed furnishings that make up one of my favourite cafes!


The fresh pastries, homemade cakes and delicious, ethically sourced coffee are reason alone to visit, but the cooked breakfast and ciabatta sandwiches are to die for.

Now I should really only be talking about the sweet stuff but their savoury menu cannot be missed.

It is the perfect location for the well needed hungover brunch on a Sunday morning, after a stroll around the park, or maybe a spot of lunch if you want to avoid all the generic chain food you can get in Westfield, Stratford City. It is also reasonably priced and all ingredients are top quality.

In the summer it is a great spot for relaxing in the vegetable garden with an ice cold lemonade and some homemade ice cream.


Once again, dogs are welcome! They seem to look a little more rough in the East End, but just as adorable as the posh pooches of Bermondsey.
This place is a master of all the trades… Just need a few more alcoholic beverages and it will be a perfect place to go all hours of the day!

*Sadly Moka East is no more and has since been replaced by the View Tube Cafe, soon to be reviewed (March 2018)


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